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Tesla Gap Insurance

Unveiled to the world in 2006, the Tesla electric car was always going to be a game-changer. A frontrunner in the green energy movement, this American dream of a car is a must-have for anyone who believes electric is the future. This clean, mean luxury vehicle is stylish and smooth, whether you own the fast and furious Roadster or the spacious Model 3. Just make sure your Tesla is fully protected with comprehensive insurance at every step.

Tesla Gap Insurance aims to give you a seamless experience at every stage of owning your amazing car. We know you never want to imagine something bad happening, but if you do ever find yourself needing to have your car written off, you want your investment to be safe. With our Guaranteed Asset Protection, you know that you will receive the original price paid for your Tesla in any settlement, not the current market value. So you can be certain you won’t find yourself losing money – ideal for those using payment plans.

Let us know how we can best help you. With a choice of policies for every car owner, we look forward to providing you with the security you deserve.

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