Volkswagen Gap Insurance

Founded in 1934 and manufacturers of the "people's car", Volkswagen have built iconic cars from generation to generation. From the Golf to the Polo, the Passat to the up!, VW's combine innovative vehicle technology with flexible production to produce affordable cars for every use.

However, these affordable engineering feats need protecting too. The Volkswagen Golf was listed as the third most stolen car in the UK in 2019. It's not just luxury cars that need insuring, but your everyday family car too. Plus, in 2016, a vehicle was written off on average every 90 seconds in the UK alone. There's a high risk of your insurer declaring any car a total loss, so offer it the protection it needs.

With Volkswagen GAP insurance from Direct Gap, we cover the difference between the value of your car when you bought it and your insurer's offer when they write off your vehicle. As a car's value depreciates over time, your standard insurance can leave you at a financial loss. With our more advanced Volkswagen gap insurance policies, you can even cover the cost of getting back on the road in a vehicle with similar specifications.

Get a quote from Direct Gap today, and see how you can protect your Volkswagen today.