Peugeot Gap Insurance

Famous French company Peugeot started life in 1810, creating salt and pepper mills. Peugeot has come a long way since its initial steam-powered car in 1889. From winning the first-ever car race in 1894 to its modern-day success as a beloved maker of incredible vehicles, when you drive a Peugeot, you are driving a piece of history. Whether you cherish your 308 Hatchback or are hoping to own a distinctive 108, don’t forget your comprehensive insurance.

Do you worry about what would happen if your precious Peugeot was damaged in an accident or worse, written off altogether? Even if you’re covered by an excellent insurance policy, some will only pay the market value at that time. The answer to your worries is Peugeot Gap Insurance. You will be able to get back the actual value paid for your car and won’t be left without a vehicle and out of pocket. This is especially useful if you have been paying for your car using a finance option, or leasing your Peugeot.

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Comprehensive Insurance
Potential loss

Only £ 8,550 would be covered by your Comprehensive Car Insurance
leaving a gap of £10,450

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