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Accident, Sickness & Unemployment

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In a world full of unexpected turns, ensuring your financial stability should never be left to chance.

Whether you find yourself facing health issues, following an accident or otherwise, or unexpected unemployment, ASU insurance offers comprehensive coverage you need to maintain your lifestyle and peace of mind.

Tailored to fit your individual needs, our simple-to-understand Accident, Sickness and Insurance polcy provides up to £2,000 per month, ensuring you can focus on recovery, not your bills.

  • Monthly Cover From £500 - £2,000
  • No Medical Required
  • Simple Claims Process
  • Cover Available for Most Proffesions
  • Get Cover In Minutes
  • Low Monthly Payments

Why choose Direct Gap for your Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover

There are plenty of reasons to come to Direct Gap for your ASU insurance. Here are just a few of them:

•  FlexibilityYou choose the level of coverage (up to £2,000) that best suits your needs and circumstances.

•  Responsibility: We’re fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we hold ourselves to the very highest standards.

•  Integrity: Our team do not make any commission from sales of ASU – we’ve only got your best interests in mind.

•  Service: Our glowing reviews and 5-star Feefo rating are a sign of how much our customers value what we do for them.

See what our customers are saying about us

Robert Illingworth 29 Jun 2022

55 star rating

Easy to do and is very comprehensive.

Ranjit Ghag 11 Dec 2023

55 star rating

I have previously used this service and find it amazing, competitive prices and cheaper than buying direct from dealers.

Stuart Weatherdon 8 Jun 2023

55 star rating

Straight forward to buy & much cheaper than the dealer...👍 hopefully I will never need it, but its peace of mind if the unthinkable should happen...

Geoffrey Hayes 10 Nov 2022

55 star rating

Easy to purchase very helpful and friendly telephone conversation, very reassuring

Scott Selbie 8 Sep 2023

55 star rating

Very competitively priced and easy to complete website I would recommend to others

Dave Wilkinson 6 Sep 2023

55 star rating

Very straight-forward and a compoetitive price.

Noel Egbury 22 Jun 2023

55 star rating

Very quick to obtain a quote and much, much cheaper than the main dealer price offered at the point of sale.

Dragos Anton 9 Nov 2022

55 star rating

Great company! Will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Martin Priest 26 Jan 2023

55 star rating

Polite and informative, easy to contact and talk to and the products are cheaper than the dealer

Beverley Williams 10 Nov 2022

55 star rating

Competitive prices + straightforward to purchase

Gary Oakley 13 Aug 2022

55 star rating

Professionally dealt with, straight forward to set up - good piece of mind, for fair value.

Andy 11 Jun 2022

55 star rating

Great price, easy to set up. Customer service, very helpful

Michael Voyzey 4 Jan 2024

55 star rating

Really easy to purchase a Gap Insurance Policy this is my second one with Direct Gap

Peter Egerton 1 Feb 2024

55 star rating

It’s so easy to set up and I’m confident in the policy that it covers all my costs.

Graham W Beds 6 Aug 2022

55 star rating

Nice website, clear & acurate descriptions plus its half the price of the car dealers!

Gary (Manchester) 31 Oct 2023

55 star rating

Straight forward & easy to use website. Explained what was covered, easy to understand & complete purchase. Much better value than what was offered by car dealership.

Julian Portman 26 Jan 2024

55 star rating

Very easy to arrange. Competitive price. Used with two previous cars.

natasha badger 28 Oct 2023

55 star rating

Easy to use and half the cost the dealership wanted for a gap policy

Jonathan Hawkins 5 Feb 2021

55 star rating

Really good price and better value than other companies. I used the phone service and the agent was so helpful and gave lots of advice. Very easy to buy and excellent to see differ…

Steve 17 Dec 2013

55 star rating


Mark Jones 21 Apr 2021

55 star rating

2nd car covered by this company, half the cost of the main dealer.

Colin Lea 3 Jul 2021

55 star rating

Great service. Easy to use and much cheaper that from leasing company.

Ashley Mitchell 28 Apr 2017

55 star rating

Had another policy. Agreement was fantastic. Claimed on it. Very thorough claim advisor a back to the car insurance company. Highly recommended.

C King 18 Dec 2013

55 star rating

I was very impressed with the service when I asked for a quote so I went back to buy the policy.


What is the maximum monthly benefit?

Up to £2,000 (depending on your selected limit) or 65% of your normal monthly income, whichever is less.

What if I get temporary work during my unemployment claim?

Claims can be suspended, not ended, provided temporary work lasts no longer than six months.

Are there any exclusions for COVID-19 related claims?

Yes. Claims directly or indirectly resulting from COVID-19 or other pandemics are excluded.

What happens if I find a new job during an unemployment claim?

You must inform the administrator, and if the job is temporary, your claim may be suspended and later resumed if you become unemployed again.

Is there a limit to the amount of claims I can make?

You can make multiple claims up to the maximum benefit specified on your policy document (this is usually up to 12 months) and is subject to a return-to-work period between claims of 6 months.

Will ASU cover my entire (100%) income?

The policy covers up to a maximum of £2,000 or 65% of your normal monthly income, whichever is less. This is also dictated by the level of cover you chose.

Is ASU suitable for part-time workers?

Yes, as long as you are working a minimum of 16 hours per week and meet the other standard eligibility requirements (age etc.).

Will ASU cover me if I move abroad?

If you cease to reside or work in the United Kingdom, your coverage will end as the policy requires you to live and work in the UK.