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Additional Cover

Here at Direct Gap, we’re incredibly proud of our reputation as the nation’s leading provider of gap insurance, but that’s not all we offer.

We understand that, for some people, their car is their prized possession, which is why it’s imperative to take the best possible care of your vehicle and ensure it remains in pristine condition for as long as possible.

However, we also appreciate that accidents and other incidents are an inevitability, and your car can become damaged in a variety of ways. While our superb range of gap insurance products protect you from suffering a financial shortfall in the event of your vehicle being declared a total loss, sometimes the damage is less severe – although it can still significantly harm the aesthetics of your car, not to mention your bank balance.

That’s where our additional cover options come in. We’re fully committed to providing a complete service to our customers, which is why our offerings don’t stop at gap insurance.

What types of additional cover are available?

At Direct Gap, we offer three forms of additional cover, all of which can only be purchased in conjunction with a gap insurance policy. What’s more, these cover options must be taken out within 30 days of you receiving delivery of your vehicle. Our three types of additional cover are as follows:

  • Tyre Insurance: This policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing tyres that have become damaged, either by accidental or malicious means.
  • Scratch & Dent Insurance: This type of additional cover will take care of the costs for any parts and labour to repair any accidental bodywork damage including chips, scratches (up to 30cm), scuffed bumpers and dent removal.
  • Alloy Wheel Insurance: Taking out this policy will ensure that you’re covered for parts and labour relating to repair work done on your alloys to correct any accidental damage.

Why take out additional cover?

While any of the damages mentioned above will not result in your vehicle being declared a total loss, there’s no doubt they can have a huge impact on your car’s performance, appearance and therefore value – which has the potential to leave you with a significant and unwanted financial headache.

That’s because rectifying such issues can become extremely expensive, so taking out additional cover could prove a shrewd financial decision in helping you to avoid those costs. By weighing up the cost of your premium against the price of repair work, you’ll soon see that opting for additional cover could be the sensible option.

How can I pay for additional cover?

We like to offer our customers as much flexibility as possible, which is why we give you the option to pay for your additional cover up front in one go, or, if you prefer, you can cover the cost by way of 12 monthly instalments. Please note that monthly instalments can only be set up via telephone. If you choose to pay everything up front, your premium will come at a one-off cost for the whole term of the policy, rather than as an annual fee.

So, if you’ve perused the different types of additional cover and found the policy that’s right for you, why not get in touch or give one of our friendly, expert team members a call on 01422 756100.

Here at Direct Gap, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service and, whatever queries you may have about our range of additional cover options, we’ll do everything we can to help you find a suitable solution.

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