Scratch & Dent Insurance

Accidents can happen to even the most careful drivers. Whether it be a scrape on a low wall or a small bump in the cark park, these little incidents are a regular occurrence and can cause ugly but relatively minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle’s bodywork.

Left unattended, scratches, dents and chips can get worse over time, so it makes sense to get any repairs taken care of immediately. Of course, you could still be left forking out a significant sum to pay for the work, which is where Direct Gap’s Scratch and Dent Insurance comes in.

Scratch & Dent Insurance covers the cost of:

  • Parts and labour to repair your vehicle in the event of accidental damage to the bodywork.
  • Repairing chips and scratches made by stones, keys etc.
  • Repairing dents and scuffs to bumpers to match existing finishes.
  • Covers body chips and scratches
  • Scuffed, cracked and dented bumpers
  • Dent and ding removal
  • Mobile service-repairer comes to you
  • Cover available for 1-3 years
  • Nationwide repair network
  • Fixed repair costs
  • No claims excess
  • Up to 30cm damage size for scratches

Why choose Direct Gap for your car’s Scratch and Dent Insurance

There are plenty of reasons to come to Direct Gap for your cosmetic car insurance. Here are just a few of them:

•  Knowledge: We’re experts in all things motor insurance and every claim is dealt with in-house, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

•  Flexibility: We’ll do everything we can to provide a scratch insurance policy that suits you, your vehicle and your needs.

•  Responsibility: We’re fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we hold ourselves to the very highest standards.

•  Integrity: Our team do not make any commission from sales of Scratch and Dent Insurance – we’ve only got your best interests in mind.

•  Service: Our glowing reviews and 5-star Feefo rating are a sign of how much our customers value what we do for them.

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Very easy to do only took 5 mins to set up and the offer direct debit if you don't want to do it in one hit.. Great !

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Clear and helpful website. Much better value than dealer offer.

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Very competitively priced and easy to complete website I would recommend to others

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Third policy with Direct Gap. Always competitive and easy to manage online.

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Easy to purchase very helpful and friendly telephone conversation, very reassuring

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Excellent website - easy to follow and product very good value.

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Very easy process. Very competitive pricing. Easy to sort.

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Excellent company and polices, have on all my cars now.

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Excellent service, easy to navigate website. Had the exact product I was looking for.

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Easy to use site. Considerably less than dealer's quote.

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Best quote on market and completed in less than a minute. WARNING don't pay dealer fees again use DIRECT GAP

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Much cheaper than other quotes. Easy to do. I phoned to talk to an adviser as never needed this type of insurance before. No hold time and very helpful.

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Excellent service as always

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Easy to set up and a great deal cheaper than dealer, also a uk based company!

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Phoned first and had a very good chat with consultant who explained everything I needed to know. Hopefully will never need it...but life sometimes throws up the unexpected.

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Straight forward to buy & much cheaper than the dealer...👍 hopefully I will never need it, but its peace of mind if the unthinkable should happen...

Michael Plank 18 Dec 2013

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I spent a long time comparing policies and getting 'a feel' for various companies. Your excellent website, reasonable price and helpful advisors decided me. Thank you.

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Reassured buying from a fully FSA registered broker. Thank you

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very quick, hassle free, fantastic, 5 stars all round.

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I purchased a 10 plate Audi A4 with over 80,000 miles on it, hours of searching online for numerous quotes and queries, Direct Gap was the only company to offer cover for a car wit…

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Not all companies offering VRI and competitive online price

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Very easy to obtain a quote from the website. Purchasing the policy was fast and efficient. Very competitive price. Great job!


What is Scratch & Dent insurance and what does it cover?

Scratch and Dent Insurance covers the cost of repairing minor cosmetic damage to your car’s bodywork. This may include dings, dents and chips or scratches to the paintwork or the bumpers.

The definition of minor cosmetic damage is as follows:

·       A chip, minor dent, light scratch and/or scuffed bumper caused by a single incident, where the total damaged area is no larger than 30cm in diameter or 3mm in depth and, in the case of a chip(s) is no larger than 1.5cm in diameter or 3mm in depth.

A minor dent is defined as:

·       A dented area on the vehicle up to a maximum of 30cm in diameter or 3mm in depth.

Any one claim on your chip and dent insurance is limited to one minor cosmetic damage repair, unless in the case of multiple damages caused by a single incident where the total end-to-end size of the furthermost points of the combined damaged area is no larger than 30cm in diameter or 3mm in depth.

Any damage that exceeds these limits or is estimated to take longer than four hours to repair will not be considered to be minor cosmetic damage.

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Are windscreen scratches covered by this insurance?

No, Scratch and Dent Insurance does not include any damage to your windscreen.

Is car Scratch and Dent Insurance worth it?

Even if the damage to your car’s bodywork is relatively small, it could prove expensive to repair. Furthermore, if you opt to leave the damage unattended, it may deteriorate and cause you a greater financial headache further down the line. But with a Scratch and Dent Insurance policy from Direct Gap, you can rest assured that the costs of repairing any minor cosmetic damage will be covered in full.

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Does car insurance cover scratches and dents?

Most motor insurance policies will cover you for any minor cosmetic damage to your car, but taking out Scratch and Dent Insurance can still prove a prudent decision. Minor cosmetic repairs are likely to cost less than your excess, so it makes sense to protect yourself with this type of policy and avoid risking your no-claims bonus for relatively minor repairs.

Does Gap Insurance cover scratches and dents?

No, Gap Insurance and cosmetic car insurance are two completely different products. Gap Insurance is designed to cover the difference between your motor insurers’ settlement at the point your vehicle is declared a total loss and its value when you first purchased it, or the amount owing to the finance company.

Minor cosmetic damage can only be covered by taking out Scratch and Dent Insurance.

Is Scratch and Dent insurance only for new cars?

No; scratch insurance can be taken out as long as your vehicle is not over 7 years old and has not covered more than 100,000 miles. Please see your policy wording for a full list of exclusions.

Can I get Scratch and Dent Insurance if I bought my car on finance?

Yes. It doesn’t matter to us whether you purchased your car through a finance agreement or outright in cash, Scratch and Dent Insurance is available to you as long as it is bought in conjunction with a Gap Insurance policy.

Will I be covered by Scratch and Dent insurance if I'm at fault?

Yes, even if your vehicle’s bodywork becomes damaged by an incident that was your fault, you will be covered by your cosmetic car insurance. However, please note that you will not be covered if the damage occurs as a result of fraud, false actions or dishonesty. Please consult your policy wording for a full list of exclusions.

How old can my car be to buy Scratch & Dent Insurance?

When taking out car scratch insurance, your vehicle can be no more than seven years old and must have covered fewer than 100,000 miles at the policy purchase date.

Can anyone drive my car and still be covered by my Scratch and Dent insurance?

Yes, your car scratch insurance will include anyone who is covered by your comprehensive motor policy as a named driver.

When can I purchase cosmetic car insurance?

Scratch and Dent Insurance must be purchased within 180 days of delivery of the vehicle.

Whose name should the policy be in?

The policy should always be in the name of the owner / hirer or registered keeper of the vehicle.

Is there a waiting period?

Yes. For the first 14 days following the inception of your car’s Scratch and Dent Insurance, no claim will be accepted. This also applies to all Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance policies.

How much does car scratch insurance cost?

The cost of your scratch, chip and dent insurance will depend on the make and model of your vehicle and the length of policy you wish to take out. Our prices start from just £299 but you can get a tailored quote in a matter of seconds by hitting the button below.

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When and how do I receive my policy documents?

Policy documents together with confirmation of payment are sent by email as soon as you purchase your car scratch insurance.

How do I claim on my Scratch and Dent Insurance?

If your car’s bodywork becomes damaged, you’ll need to call the administrator on 0161 451 4803 within 30 days of the incident occurring.

You’ll be asked to supply information such as your policy number and vehicle registration and, if your claim is accepted, you’ll be put in touch with an approved repairer to arrange for the work to be carried out.

What is the claim limit?

We will pay for the repairs in full and you can claim up to five times.

Does a claim on Scratch & Dent Insurance affect my no claims bonus?

No, you can make a claim on your scratch insurance without affecting your motor insurance policy.

Is an excess payable on this policy?

No, there are no excesses to pay on our policies.

Why would my Scratch and Dent Insurance not pay out?

Your cosmetic car insurance policy will not cover you for any damage to horizontal flat surfaces such as the roof or bonnet; for any distortions, rips, tears or perforations; or if any repair work is carried out without the prior authorisation of the administrator.

These are just a few examples of the exclusions that apply to your Scratch and Dent Insurance. For a full list, please see your policy wording document.

How do I take out a Scratch and Dent Insurance policy?

We want to make your life as straightforward as possible, and taking out scratch, chip and dent insurance is perfectly simple. You can calculate your quote online – all you need is to enter your desired length of policy and the model of your car.

Alternatively, you can always contact us and a member of our expert team will guide you through the process with a minimum of fuss. You can get in touch via telephone on 01422 756100 or by emailing

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Why is Direct Gap so much cheaper than motor dealers quote?

We are an internet-based provider which means we have lower overheads than motor dealers. As a result of the high volume of insurance that we sell, we are able to provide quality policies at the keenest prices.

You can be confident that our prices are lower than those quoted by dealers and many other websites. Paying less than you have been quoted elsewhere in no way means that you are buying an inferior product, it just means that they are making more profit from your purchase!

Who is the insurer of this policy?

Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd (Malta Company Registration Number C 84703), Office 13, SOHO Office The Strand, Fawwara Building, Triq I-Imsida, Gzira, GZR 1401, Malta. Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd is authorized under the Insurance Business Act 1998 of the laws of Malta to carry out general business, and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, Triq l-Imdina, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD 1010, Malta. Deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 805770, and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details of the Temporary Permission Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the UK for a limited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website. Annual reports on our solvency and financial position can be found at https://

What is the Geographic Area of cover?

The United Kingdom, excluding the Isle of Wight and the Islands of Scotland (including Shetland, Orkney, the Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides). Please note that this means the Isle of Man is also excluded.

Can I transfer my Scratch and Dent Insurance policy?

No; your Scratch and Dent Insurance is not transferrable. If you do change your vehicle, you may claim a refund on your policy on a pro rata basis, as long as no claims have been made. Please note there is also a £35 cancellation fee.

Can I cancel my Scratch and Dent Insurance?

If you decide you no longer want or need cosmetic car insurance, we offer the option to cancel within a 30-day grace period, which is more than twice the legal requirement of 14 days. If you cancel within this time, you will receive a full refund. After those 30 days, you will be charged a £35 administration fee and refunded on a pro rata basis.