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Vauxhall Gap Insurance

With its first cars appearing in 1903, Vauxhall is Great Britain’s oldest car brand. Known as the manufacturer of the world’s first-ever sports car, Vauxhall has been a key player in motorsports. They went on to originate SUVs and have been building impressive compact cars since 1963. Are you the proud owner of a small but powerful Astra or on the lookout for a family-friendly Insignia? Make sure to protect your investment with the right insurance choices.

Vauxhall Gap Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind. If the worst happens and your Vauxhall is written off, this bridges the gap between your insurance settlement and the price originally paid for your vehicle. Many insurance providers will pay out based on current market value, which could cause some trouble if your car is being paid for via a finance option. Similarly, you will be liable to continue with payments if you are leasing your car, leaving you out of pocket and with no vehicle.

There is no need to worry. With our quick quote service, you can find your perfect policy whether you already own your car or you’re just looking to buy.

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