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Mercedes Gap Insurance

Few car manufacturers have a history as long and rich as Mercedes. For well over a century, the German company has been building its reputation as a creator of highly desirable luxury passenger cars. In 2018, it was the world's biggest producer of premium vehicles, selling 2.31 million models.

With their beautiful designs and iconic logos, Mercedes cars can attract the attention of thieves, and while you may be insured against theft, you can still end up seriously out of pocket. Most insurance policies will only pay out in line with the current value of your vehicle and because cars depreciate quickly, this is likely to be much less than what you originally paid. With a luxury car like a Mercedes, this difference can be many thousands of pounds and the best way to avoid this problem is by taking out Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance.

What is Mercedes gap insurance?

Mercedes gap insurance covers you for the difference between your car's purchase price and its value at the time of a claim – for example if it has been written off or stolen. This form of cover can prove priceless for all Mercedes owners, and we can help you save up to 75% on your Mercedes gap insurance, with policies available for between 1-5 years.

For further details, please check out our guide to gap insurance.

How does Mercedes gap insurance work?

If you buy a Mercedes for £40,000, it will depreciate over the time that you own it. Let’s say that a few years later, your car is stolen or written off – but by this point, its value has dropped to £25,000. Your motor insurers will pay out in line with that value, which means you’ve lost out by £15,000. With Mercedes gap insurance, you are covered for that difference between its purchase price and its value when it was declared a total loss.

What are the benefits of Mercedes gap insurance?

As well as offering an extra level of protection, the benefits of a Mercedes gap insurance policy from Direct Gap include:

  • Commitment to settle your claim within 10 days
  • Cover for all named drivers
  • Deferred start date for new purchases
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • No mileage restrictions during policy
  • No claim limits on vehicles up to £50,000

How much does Mercedes gap insurance cost?

We can offer Mercedes gap insurance from as little as £69 – a small price to pay for such an excellent level of protection. And, if you want to spread the cost out rather than pay in one go, you can do so via 12 monthly instalments – whichever works best for you.

What additional cover is available?

It’s not only Mercedes Gap insurance that we offer. We can also provide protection for specific elements of your pride and joy, such as the bodywork, tyres and wheels. Find out more about:

·       Mercedes scratch & dent insurance

·       Mercedes tyre insurance

·       Mercedes alloy wheel insurance

Please note that the above policies can only be purchased in conjunction with Mercedes gap insurance from Direct Gap, and cannot be taken out separately.

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