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Mitsubishi Gap Insurance

Dating back more than a century, Mitsubishi was first meant to be a luxury vehicle for officials in its native Japan. The Mitsubishi mission has changed somewhat since 1917 – now everyone can enjoy the stylish elegance of these beautiful cars. With over 50 years of racing history, Mitsubishi values performance and style. Are you a fan of the reliable Lancer, or do you love your distinctive Outlander? Then be sure to protect your car with insurance for every situation.

Unfortunately, new cars can depreciate quickly, which can cause a potential headache for owners in the event of misfortune striking. Stressed about potential gaps in your existing insurance policy? Fear not – Mitsubishi Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance provides you with the perfect safety net.

What is Mitsubishi gap insurance?

If your vehicle is stolen or written off, Mitsubishi gap insurance will cover the difference between your settlement and the price originally paid for your car. So, no worries about only receiving the current market value and, if you’re on finance, you won’t be left paying off a Mitsubishi you can’t drive any longer. Keep yourself secure with Mitsubishi gap insurance so you can simply enjoy your luxury vehicle without concerns.

For further information, check out our detailed guide to gap insurance.

What are the benefits of a Mitsubishi gap insurance policy?

A Mitsubishi gap insurance policy from Direct Gap offers plenty of advantages, on top of excellent protection for you and your vehicle. These include:

  • No claim limits on vehicles up to £50,000
  • Deferred start date for new purchases
  • All named drivers covered
  • Commitment to settle claims within 10 days
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No mileage restrictions during the policy

How much does Mitsubishi gap insurance cost?

Our Mitsubishi gap insurance quotes start from just £69. You can choose to pay your premium upfront or, if you prefer to spread the cost, via monthly instalments.

How long does Mitsubishi gap insurance last?

You can take out a Mitsubishi gap insurance policy from Direct Gap for anything between 1-5 years.

Mitsubishi gap insurance – is it worth it?

To demonstrate the value of a Mitsubishi gap insurance policy, let’s use an example. Say you bought a brand-new Shogun Sport for £30,000 and a few years later its worth had fallen to £20,000. If your vehicle was then written off in an accident or stolen, your insurance settlement would reflect its present value, rather than the purchase price. In that instance, you’d be £10,000 out of pocket. But with gap insurance, you’d be covered for that difference. With Mitsubishi gap insurance quotes starting from just £69, we believe it’s a sensible investment.

What additional cover is available?

As well as comprehensive Mitsubishi gap insurance policies, we can also offer protection for the bodywork, wheels and tyres of your vehicle. Find out more about:

Please be aware that these policies can only be purchased alongside Mitsubishi gap insurance from Direct Gap. They cannot be bought individually.

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Don’t waste time worrying about what will happen in the worst-case scenario. Contact us for a quick, personal Mitsubishi gap insurance quote so we can set you on the right path to your comprehensive cover. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01422 756100.

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