Gap Insurance

What is Gap Insurance?

If your car is 'written off', Gap Insurance can cover your outstanding finance payments, the value of your car when you bought it or even can also be used get back on the road with a car of the same spec as your insured vehicle when you bought it. Motor insurance only covers your vehicle to its value at the point it is declared a 'total loss'. This can be substantially less than outstanding finance commitments, the price you paid for your car and the cost of getting back on the road in a car with a similar specification.

Specialist gap insurance

Direct Gap is a specialist GAP insurer. This means we can offer different gap insurance policies tailored to your needs. Individual circumstances vary - so we have finance and contract hire gap insurance for people buying a car on finance, agreed value for people who just need to protect the value of their car, and our popular return to invoice and vehicle replacement gap insurance policies which ensure you can replace your car at its original invoice cost.

Why Direct Gap?

Our specialist Gap Insurance policies come at incredibly competitive prices. We pride ourselves on saving you money whilst providing the cover you need. Our insurance policies provide peace of mind, protect the value of your vehicle and guarantee you will be able to repay any finance should your vehicle unfortunately be written off.

We only use insurers that oparetate at the highest standards within the insurance industryand all of our policies have been independently assessed by a third party ratings agency who rated us with the maximum 5 star rating.

Service is very important to us and we’re really proud of the feedback we get from customers. We think that’s because we don’t run a call centre. We are a professional team of trained specialists who know about cars, gap insurance and motor finance. The Direct Gap team is here to give you clear information, guide you through the choice of products and ensure that you find one that will meet your individual needs. We help you understand the benefits of each policy, but the choice is always up to you.

When you pick up the phone or email us, your enquiry will be answered by a member of our team, based in Yorkshire. All enquiries, administration and GAP claims are handled in the UK.

If you ever have to make a claim, it will be handled by the same trained professionals, quickly and efficiently. We’re happy to say that the average time to payment, once your insurer has made an offer of settlement and the paperwork is in place, is just four days. Although we commit on all of our policies to settle within a maximum of 10 days.

With Direct Gap you have complete peace of mind. Our team are based in the UK and our products are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.