What are the benefits of an EV for a car enthusiast?

What are the benefits of an EV for a car enthusiast?

Electric vehicles are consistently growing in popularity, and they are becoming far more commonplace as the technology in them continues to improve. Electric vehicles are often seen as the antithesis of the "enthusiast's choice"; however, the reality of it is that EVs have a lot to offer car enthusiasts.


We can hear you already...

"What do I, as a car lover, stand to benefit from an electric vehicle?"

Well, let us explain.


Cheaper daily running costs

Something that all car lovers will understand is that fuelling our pride and joys can be expensive. Every time you want to hop in and go for a drive, it's going to cost you money at the pumps. The reality is that even keeping a small and unexciting petrol or diesel car as your daily driver can cost you a lot of money in fuel. Owning an electric vehicle can make a break from all that, however, and be much lighter on your wallet.

Electric as a base unit is much cheaper than fossil fuels. Not only that, but it's a much more efficient way of powering a vehicle, so you actually get more for your money than you do with petrol or diesel. That means charging your electric vehicle will cost you much less than it would to fill it at the pumps.

Add to that the convenience of being able to charge your vehicle overnight, when the draw on the grid is much lower and prices fall even further, and you can quickly see how it's much more affordable transport. As a daily driver to get all your commuting, school runs, and shopping done, an EV makes a compelling argument.


Environmental friendliness

Another thing to consider with an EV is that it's more environmentally friendly, both in the way the power for it is produced and the way it drives. This is something you should strongly consider, especially if you live in a city where the air quality continues to drop due to exhaust fumes due to heavy traffic.

An EV produces no exhaust fumes, the only thing that will ever come out of the back of it is water. This makes it especially beneficial if you have a traffic-heavy daily commute or school run.


A different driving experience

An EV makes for an excellent choice as a daily driver, even if you happen to be a driving and car enthusiast. It's a different experience altogether from a normal fossil fuel vehicle. An EV is almost silent to drive, and there is no gearbox to contend with. This makes it both comfortable and relaxing day to day.

If you have to contend with traffic, the relaxed driving experience and the sheer ease of driving alone should make you consider an EV. You might be amazed how unrefined an ICE vehicle seems in comparison. Also consider the prospect of your home being your fuel station - how convenient would it be to simply walk up to your car in the morning, knowing you charged it overnight, and to have the battery full ready for you to drive?


An established marketplace

There was a time, only a few years ago, where electric vehicles were seen as a niche market. This made them only desirable to serious EV enthusiasts. That time has passed now, however, and they are becoming more and more established in the marketplace, which means there are a number of support products and service available.

This means that getting electric vehicle insurance, EV gap insurance, and generally keeping your EV working for you isn't going to cause major disruption in your life. This again makes it perfect for daily driving.


Prolonging enthusiast vehicle life

Electric vehicles are often seen as being in direct competition with "enthusiast" sports and classic cars - but the reality of it is that EVs can help save them. With more and more daily driving duties handled by EVs, that leaves more precious fuel available to be used on actually enjoyable drives, not wasted on commutes and school runs.

As EVs become more and more commonplace, there will be more appreciation of older vehicles for high days and holidays. You can have an EV as your daily driver, effortlessly taking care of your day to day driving needs, and save your petrol-powered and much more exciting to drive car for the weekends and special occasions.


Getting the right insurance cover

If you're thinking of getting an EV it makes perfect sense as a car enthusiast. Make sure you get the best gap insurance coverage for your EV by contacting Direct Gap for a quote.

James Cartwright

James Cartwright

James is an innovator in the Gap Insurance market with a longstanding understanding of automotive and Gap Insurance and consumer trends. In authoring these articles he brings together over 20 years of industry experience and a lifetime as an automotive enthusiast.

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