Total Loss Protect Insurance

Total Loss Protect Insurance (TLP) pays up to £10,000 in addition to your motor insurance in the event of a total loss.

The policy will pay a cash lump sum equating to 25% of your motor insurer’s settlement amount in the event of the total loss of your vehicle, to contribute towards otherwise uninsured expenses such as a policy excess and/or the value of vehicle contents and/or personal effects and/or any depreciation in the value of that car.

  • Covers New & Used Cars
  • Cash lump sum benefit up to £10,000
  • Covers all drivers on your insurance policy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See what our customers are saying about us

Martin Dyer 27 Aug 2021


Called to discuss before purchasing as had not leased a car previously (had GAP on PCP vehicle) Agent was very knowledgeable and covered all of my queries in detail

Jacob Bray 6 Sep 2021


Very easy to arrange

Darren hunt 27 Sep 2015


Excellent service and easy to use website.

rob frankland 17 Dec 2013


a++++ very easy

James Craighead 7 Sep 2014


fast, friendly and better value than was offered by the dealership. thank you

rob brown 5 Nov 2014


very easy to set up and the man on the phone was very helpful and answer questions. thank you

Shannon Blackwell 10 Nov 2020


really easy website to use and when i rang the company for further understanding they were more then accommodating and respectful. Much appreciated

Paul Desbois 3 Jul 2015


Excellant website! Explains everything

William 26 Apr 2014


Very straight forward to set up, good value for money.

DANIELLE 3 Mar 2016


So easy to use, and about the third of the price I was quoted from the car retailer! Also I received friendly customer service on the phone :)

Kay Day 3 Jan 2015


Nice clear web site. Easy to follow. Hopefully all necessary documents will be emailed over.

Graham Yates 1 May 2021


Very professional and smooth transaction

Christopher Bacon 18 Dec 2013


The price is very competitive compared to the dealer

Gillian Lyall 23 Dec 2013


Price is very competitive and documents understandable

Ian Buckmaster 27 Sep 2021


Excellent - no fuss, job done

David Hughes 17 Dec 2013


Came out best in multiple web searches. Easy to use and fast site. Completed transaction in 10 mins.:-)

Colin Griffin 9 Jan 2021


Good website, clear concise. Good information. Reasonably priced.

Robert Evans 18 Dec 2013


You have the type of policy that I was looking for & at a far cheaper price than I was quoted by the car dealership.

Domonique Norfolk 21 Apr 2020


Easy to use service, quick to insure and the website explained the different types of cover is a simple way. Thanks!

Kenneth Pound 29 Sep 2021


Excellent and easy to use

Gary Rennison 3 Feb 2017


Website easy to use. Phoned the head office and they were extremely helpful and were clear and precise in explaining how the policy works. Saved over £240 compared to the main dealer was offering.

Olwen Statham 27 Sep 2017


Brilliant cover at a great price. Highly recommend this company for gap insurance.

brian skervin 17 Aug 2019


I spoke to a very nice helpful lady named Haley, and i asked her a couple of questions and she explained everything to me so i understood what everything meant. She is a credit to the company and i would definitely recommend…

Mr J Mitchell 26 May 2018


Easy and straight forward. Made quick clarification call about personal plate transfer before purchasing policy.

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