Demands & Needs - Scratch & Dent Insurance

The product meets the Demands & Needs of those looking to cover expenses related to minor cosmetic damages to their vehicles. Under the chosen coverage period, the product either fully covers or partially offsets these costs.

Direct Gap's Scratch & Dent Insurance helps cover or alleviate the cost of minor aesthetic repairs to your vehicle, such as light scratches, small dents, chips, or scuffed bumpers. Please note that this coverage is subject to the policy's terms and conditions, as well as the predefined claim limit. Be sure to thoroughly read and understand the relevant documents.

During your online quote and purchase process, we provide several critical insurance documents. We strongly advise you to review each of these before making a purchase. Once you've become our client, you'll have access to these documents via your online account or on our publicly accesible website. These documents include:

  • Insurance Product Information Document (IPID): An abridged version of the full Terms and Conditions.
  • Insurance Terms and Conditions
  • Our General Terms of Business (incl. Initial Disclosure Document)

By purchasing coverage, you implicitly agree to the contents of these documents.

We do not provide advice or recommendations, nor do we infer any insurance's suitability. We provide all the necessary policy information, but the decision to purchase is entirely up to you.

By purchasing, you confirm that there's no existing cover for these risks and that your decision to purchase was made independently, without our influence. You're also responsible for verifying your vehicle's eligibility for coverage, as well as your own.

Before purchasing coverage, it's your duty to ensure the insurance meets your demands and needs.

Additionally, you're responsible for confirming that your vehicle bodywork has no pre-existing damage at the time of policy purchase. We recommend taking several photographs of your vehicle body panels and keeping them for future reference.

You have the option to cancel this insurance at any time, although cancellation fees may apply.

Details can be found in our Terms of Business and the policy Terms and Conditions documents.