Early Termination Insurance

Leaving your Lease, Contract Hire or PCP contract early can be costly. An early termination agreement can come with substantial penalties and fees (in some cases including the remaining lease value)!

Early Termination Insurance, or ETI, will cover the costs of your early termination in the event of certain scenarios that would cause you to return your vehicle early.

  • Covers New & Used Cars
  • Cover from 2 to 4 years
  • Claim limits of £7,000 to £15,000
  • Covers accidental death
  • Covers extended sickness
  • Covers loss of licence (for medical reasons)
  • Covers non-voluntary bankruptcy
  • A £500 cash benefit for PCP agreements

See what our customers are saying about us

Lucie 15 Nov 2017


Highly efficient and understandable service

nuno 12 May 2014


very pleased with the overall service

Richard 17 May 2015


Very easy and effeicient, significantly cheaper than the main delaer...2nd policy.

Steven 17 Feb 2014


Difficult to rate as can only know once i've claimed, but your site looked the most organised!

Katie Dungworth 15 Oct 2015


So easy and value for money.

Ga Malik 19 Feb 2020


Cheaper than Gap offered by dealer. Easy to use website with clear FAQs about various products. I called the office to clarify a query and the person who answered was very helpful.

Samantha porter 15 Apr 2015


Extremely helpful and informative on telephone

Peter Kelleway 18 May 2021


Second time I've taken out gap insurance with Direct Gap, very happy to deal with you. Luckily the first policy wasn't called-on to be used, but very happy to be covered for another 4years.

A Marchbank 17 Dec 2013


Quoted a stupid price by the dealer. The cover looks very similar.

David Spence 27 Dec 2013


Price (compared to manufacturers offer!) & easy to read web page with clear features & benefits for product.

Chris Mullane 18 Dec 2013


Easy to understand much cheaper than main dealer.

Linzi Vaughton 19 Jul 2020


Good price, was less than half the price I was quoted from the dealership, I did shop around and found them one of the best prices, just hope i don’t need to use them, or they make it easy to make a claim.

simon crockford 27 May 2014


Fast, efficient and policy starts from premium payment date and not date of vehicle purchase.

Jamie F 18 Dec 2013


Very good site and easy to use, made big saving against dealer price. 

steve thornton 22 Jan 2014


very good advice via phone and quick and easy to understand online Great service

Stephen Dury 14 Jul 2014


Far better value than the GAP insurance offered by the car dealer

emily james 18 Sep 2014


brilliant service. Contact centre very helpful too.

Tony 13 Dec 2014


Great price - much cheaper than offered at the point of purchase!

Sherrie Ann Hendren 20 Jun 2021


simple easy process and great price

jamie r 21 Jun 2014


Good price for policy as its half of what a dealership would sell you gap insurance for. 

Jay Thurstans 11 Mar 2019


A 3rd of the price quoted by my dealer. Peace of mind at a reasonable price.

John Craig 31 Jan 2015


Thanks for all the advice and making the effort to telephone.

Gillian Clark 23 Aug 2017


Very helpful gentleman when I called for advice and a very quick easy and simple process ( and much cheaper than the dealer !)

steve mills 6 Nov 2014


a third of what I was quoted at dealers. brilliant

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