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Your Gap Policy is about to Expire!
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The Gap Insurance policy for your vehicle is due to expire with Direct Gap Insurance.

We have three different options for you to consider:

(1) If you still have the same vehicle and wish to extend your insurance against depreciation, you will be pleased to learn that we have designed a new policy that will enable you to extend the GAP insurance for up to a further four years.

This is known as Retail Value Gap Insurance. In the event of your vehicle being declared a total loss, this insurance will pay the difference between the vehicle value at the point of total loss and 105% of the Glasses Guide Retail Price on the day you purchased the policy. Further information can be found at www.directgap.co.uk/products/agreed-value/.

(2) If you are considering a replacement vehicle or in fact if you have already purchased a replacement vehicle within the last 180 days, we have a range of market leading GAP policies to suit all circumstances.

All our policies include the following free of charge:

  • Free transfer on RTI, VRI and Retail Value policies if you change your vehicle mid-term.
  • Cover available from 1-5 years on all RTI, VRI & Finance policies.
  • Covers your Insurance excess up to £250.
  • Covers theft of vehicle with stolen keys.
  • Covers all drivers on your insurance policy.
  • Covers all manufacturer fitted extras.
  • Covers paint protection up to £500.
  • Covers dealer fitments up to £1500.
  • Claim limits are now unlimited on vehicles up to 50k.
  • 30 day money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.
  • Covered by the FCSA compensation scheme.

(3) Finance Gap Insurance to cover any shortfall on the finance agreement. This can now be purchased at any time of ownership and will cover finance agreements up to five years.

Whichever option you choose, Direct Gap offers a minimum £10 loyalty discount to our existing customers on a new policy purchase. our existing customers on a new policy purchase.

For more information and discount codes then please call 01422 756100 to speak to one of our customer advisors.

We realise how annoying unwanted emails can be and do not wish to further intrude upon your privacy. Please accept our assurance that we will not be sending you any further information or reminders regarding your renewal date or our products.

Best Regards

Customer Services

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